Mission & Values

We believe we were put on this earth to become the most conscious, loving people we can be in service of a world that works for everyone:

      ❊ Partners and spouses ❊
      ❊ Parents ❊
      ❊ Singles ❊
      ❊ Entrepreneurs ❊
      ❊ Executives❊
      ❊ Anyone seeking to achieve their true potential 

Why We Do It

We believe it is each of our responsibilities to learn, grow, and serve to contribute as you can where you are. We become leaders guiding ourselves and others to the possible. We move beyond routine, toward visionary contributions.

What We Believe

Each of us is an emerging being and a unique gift to the planet. Our job is to support you in becoming that gift and making your unique contributions consonant with your mission.

How We Do It

Our approach combines research with practical applications, focusing on personal coaching, training, and consulting for you to develop into the best, most authentic self only you can be.

To that end, we coach, train, and partner with individuals to facilitate their development, even when doing organizational consulting. It is the individual development that is our aim.

Pillars of Our Approach
Transcendental Principles

Our work is guided by and directed toward principles of Forgiveness, Compassion, Grace, and Love.

Transformational Principles

These principles focus on: