Become the person you were always meant to be!
❊ love fully ❊ laugh loudly ❊ risk boldly ❊ feel deeply ❊ express fearlessly ❊ play hard ❊ fight fiercely ❊ work joyously ❊ commit totally ❊ live consciously ❊ lead courageously! ❊

❊ Are you successful but feel like there’s comething missing?

❊ Are you seeking meaning and purpose?

❊ Do you want to make a change, but are uncertain how or where to start?

❊ Unlock your utmost potential in every aspect of your life with LiveWright!

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Drs. Judith and Bob Wright bring over 35 years of wisdom, research, and experience to helping people live their best lives. Their nationally-renowned coaching services guide you to move past self-made barriers to live fully, meaningfully, and completely live in every moment.

Whether you’re looking for more fulfilling relationships, pathways to the next step in your career, or tools to be your most authentic self, LiveWright can empower you to thrive in all aspects of your life. Use the power of your emotions. Evolve your truth. Explore new possibilities. Learn how to live without limits and love your life!

This Is Our Why
A Life of More

At LiveWright, we love to learn and learn to love. We’re always creating, researching, and developing new ways to work on ourselves and with others, including:

Relationship Coaching

We all want great, satisfying, intimate relationships, but we don’t always know what it takes.
Take our Relationship Quotient Test to see what misconceptions about relationships you may have.

“I know the Wrights and have seen their work and I am consistently impressed by the solidity of their approach and the fact that they practice what they preach.”

Brad Anderson, Former CEO of Best Buy
Dr. Judith Wright

Are you successful but not fulfilled? Do you feel stuck, or lost in certain parts of your life? Do you want more meaning? More purpose?

Learn how to take radical responsibility, use the power of your emotions, and evolve your truth. Learn how to live without limits and love your life.

Dr. Bob Wright

Is fear stopping you from living in the now?

Move past self-made barriers and explore new possibilities in your life. Learn how to live meaningfully, fully, and completely alive in every moment.

“Their groundbreaking method and research should take its place as simply the most practical, effective approach to maximizing couple and individual potential and satisfaction.”

Barnet Bain, film director of Milton’s Secret and producer of What Dreams May Come
“Judith and Bob Wright tell an eye and heart-opening truth: the conflicts we think we should avoid in our relationships are exactly where we have to go in order to achieve the genuine connection, intimacy, and mutual growth we want in our relationships.”

Patricia Crisafulli, best-selling author and founder of
“The Wrights truly understand transformation and transformational processes. I like that they ground their work in scientific findings and they keep abreast of research literature across a wide range of fields.”

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology

Drs. Judith and Bob’s credentials also include creating the first GSAEC* recognized, ICFACTP**  graduate program. Read on to find out Who We Are and How We Work with you, and you’ll start to understand why so many people have found the meaning and growth they were seeking through the coaching and training of LiveWright.  


* Graduate School Alliance in Coaching (GSAEC)
**International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training