About Us

“We believe it is each of our responsibilities to learn, grow, and serve to contribute as you can where you are.
We become leaders guiding ourselves and others to the possible.
We more beyond routine, toward visionary contributions.”

As conselors and coaches with over 35 years of experience, Judith and Bob don’t just talk a good game, they live what they teach. Together as LiveWright, they are dedicated to helping others achieve their own purpose.

Our mission: To serve the world by guiding people to a life of more.

We believe we were put on this earth to become the most conscious, loving people we can be in service of a world that works for everyone: partners & spouses, parents, singles, entrepreneurs, executives, anyone seeking to achieve their true potential.

What We Do

We guide you on your journey to become your best self, using The Wright Model of Human Development. Through conscious engagement and with our guidance, you will transform yourself into that which you yearn to become.

How We Work

Our work is guided by and directed toward transcendental principles with a focus on transformational principles, that when applied lead to maximization of potential and satisfaction.

Our methods, developed through scientific research, cut through the trivial and break down the self-imposed barriers that prevent us from the changes and improvements we truly desire. It’s not simple. It takes dedication – a willingness to do the work and go through the upset that change naturally causes in us. But we’ll guide you through it and building your possibilities to become who you were always meant to be.

Dr. Judith Wright

Equal parts spiritual traveler, empath, rabid researcher, educator and neuroscience nerd. Called one of “America’s Ultimate Experts by “Woman’s World Magazine” and “one of most sought-after self-help gurus in the country” by The San Francisco Chronicle, Dr. Wright is a delightful, innovative leader who distills research and her experiences into teachable, learnable, applied life skills.

A trailblazer in human development, Dr. Wright’s research and program development leads to exciting, predictable personal transformation. Her programs integrate the findings of her deep research across fields from neuroscience, psychology, existential philosophy, social sciences, spiritual study to behavioral economics. Dr. Wright researches, teaches, lives, practices, and shares proven skills to live a flourishing, satisfying, and meaningful life.

Dr. Bob Wright

Dr. Bob Wright, Ed.D., M.S.W., M.A., shows you what happens when the hard light of uncommon sense shines on every part of life. An internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant, Crain’s Chicago Business recognized him as a top executive coach. He has coached CEOs across the country, from leading name public companies to entrepreneurial startups.

Dr. Wright’s revolutionary Integrative Model of Human Growth and Development provides a much-needed practical application of theory into everyday life, helping hundreds of thousands of individuals to understand themselves, strategize, and take action to reach their potential. His revolutionary personal and professional training and development methodology leads not only to significant professional success but also to fulfillment in all life areas.

“Their groundbreaking method and research should take its place as simply the most practical, effective approach to maximizing couple and individual potential and satisfaction.”

Barnet Bain, film director of Milton’s Secret and producer of What Dreams May Come
“Judith and Bob Wright tell an eye and heart-opening truth: the conflicts we think we should avoid in our relationships are exactly where we have to go in order to achieve the genuine connection, intimacy, and mutual growth we want in our relationships.”

Patricia Crisafulli, best-selling author and founder of www.faithhopeandfiction.com
“The Wrights truly understand transformation and transformational processes. I like that they ground their work in scientific findings and they keep abreast of research literature across a wide range of fields.”

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology